Control who can see what you share

Set limits to your posts and select who can see your content.

You are in control. You can select who can see your content

In Oshinstar's visibility options you can put limits on all the publications you upload, sharing your content only with members of the Oshinstar community or with the whole world.

A good measure to restrict only the contacts that can see those publications on your profile, thus preventing the eyes of strangers that you do not know or do not want to see the loaded content.

You can choose your audience, who will see your posts

In Oshinstar, you can choose your audience, who will see your posts. That is, if you want Oshinstar members to see it, the entire public, your followers or just you, having an option to give access to who you do want to see.

Oshinstar Members

Anyone with an Oshinstar account can view the content that you upload to your account.


Anyone, whether or not they are Oshinstar users. Including people who are not logged in and find your content through search engines (eg google, bling).

Your followers

Only people directly connected to you on Oshinstar will be able to see this. Whoever wants to view your content must submit a request, and they will be able to view your content after your approval.


Only you and people with prior access or approval will be able to view your content.

Share privately

The content you share in private mode can only be seen by the users who have the link. This way, anyone with the link will be able to see and share it. A private video can only be seen by the user who uploads it and by the people he/she chooses.

If a user sends you the access link of a private content and you do not follow the user who uploaded the content, you will have to ask for authorization to access it.

Tips: After publishing your content, you can change it whenever you want. No one will see anything you don't want them to see.

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