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Share your identity and connect with everyone. One way to attract interest to your business.

To create strong connections around the world, you should not start with what your company offers, but with who you are.

At Oshinstar, we want to know any information that directly indicates who you are (e.g., your business name), or that can lead to your identification (e.g., your business phone number, business location).

By sharing your identity with the world, you attract personal interest in the brand.

You can find all your basic business information in the Information section, located in your Profile. There you can edit and/or modify your data if necessary.

Basic Information

By using our services, you entrust us with your data. We understand that this is a great responsibility and we do our best to protect your information and allow you to control it.

Business Name

Your Business Name should accurately reflect what the account is about. It is your letter of introduction.

The name cannot include:

  • Symbols, numbers or punctuation marks.

  • Characters from different languages.

  • Titles of any kind (for example, professional or religious).

  • Words or phrases instead of a name.

  • Offensive or suggestive words of any kind

You can only change your company name twice.

Business phone number

We may use your mobile business phone number for the following:‌

  • Send you SMS notifications related to updates on your business account activity, promotions and account security. SMS notifications help protect your business account through optional features such as two-step authentication and unrecognized login text message alerts. You can turn off SMS notifications at any time.‌

We never sell personal information, such as your business cell phone number. Remember, you have the option to control who can see your business phone number and who can find you on Oshinstar. Learn more about how Oshinstar uses your business phone number in our Privacy Policy.

Business location

Placing your business location is a vital option to increase visibility and improve relationships in the community.

Oshinstar allows you to add your location to offer the best possible connections near you.

It enhances the experience by personalizing your content and tailoring it to the language of the recipient, ensuring greater interaction with customers and fans.

The location of your business is very relevant information when it comes to showing interest or content.

Offering excellent opportunities to disseminate your activities such as events, job offers or businesses such as stores, restaurants and more.

Business working hours

Adding business hours information is helpful. This way, they are telling customers or fans of your company that the store has set hours.

They can set a schedule and add their break time. As well as sharing who can see the hours set for your business.

This information will not be visible, but will be used as a filter.

CEO & date of founding

Oshinstar is ideal to give visibility and notoriety to any professional, to show their worth, their achievements, their trajectory. This is also valid, of course, for a CEO or President.

In this way, you will not only improve your reputation, but also that of your company, becoming its best ambassador in the community.

In your Basic Business Information you can update the information corresponding to the name, position, who can see the information and date of foundation of the company.


Your Username is how Oshinstar identifies you within the community. Through this it is possible to search faster, either to follow you or to view your content.

You can choose your username from the default Oshinstar username, based on the first and last name provided when you create your account, or you can choose the one provided by Oshinstar at random. This will form part of your Oshinstar username and web address. This may affect Oshinstar later on, so choose wisely.

More information

Business experience

Increase the credibility of your profile by showing the projects and works you have done.

Your last few years of business experience are relevant to show the community that you have the necessary experience.


In an increasingly competitive world, languages can make any business stand out.

Speaking a second or third language is an essential resource that will increase your communication reach and job opportunities. Increasing the impact on community searches.


Identity verification ensures that there is a real person behind the process and corroborates that he/she is who he/she claims to be, avoiding that a person performs a process on behalf of the company without authorization or that fraud is committed.

You can send us an official identification document to confirm your business account. Everything you send us must include your name, photo and date of birth:

  • Card ID

  • Passport

Financial regulations require us to verify your identity. This helps prevent someone else from creating an Oshinstar account in your name.

Please note that anything you upload directly here is encrypted and securely stored.

Once we have verified your identity, we will permanently delete the copy of your identity document within 30 days.

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