Education & Accomplishment

Showcase your knowledge and achievements in your Oshinstar profile.

The Education & Accomplishment section is not only a must-have part of your professional profile and background. Adding some information regarding your education is a great way to showcase your knowledge and achievements in the Oshinstar community.

In the Education & Accomplishment section you need to include the formal education you have received; that is, the one that has official recognition: school, degrees, postgraduate degrees, vocational training, awards, certifications.

To add, edit or delete this information:

  1. Log in to your Profile at the bottom right of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Information section.

  3. Go to the Education & Accomplishments section.

  4. Tap the information you wish to edit. Schools you have attended, college you attended, awards and certifications you have earned.

  5. To add the Schools and College you have attended, tap ➕ or Add the Schools and College you have attended. You can allow Ohsinstar to access the location of your device for better and more accuracy.

  6. To add awards and certifications you have earned, tap ➕ or Add awards and certifications you have earned. Enter all of your educational information in each applicable field:

    • Award or certification

    • Certificate by

    • Date

    • Describe the award or certification.

  7. Tap Upload.

Filling out this section in an optimized way can bring many advantages.

Not only because it is an essential part of your background and, of course, of your Oshinstar profile.

Well optimized, it can bring numerous advantages:

  • Make your profile more attractive

  • Include keywords

  • Establish links with other professionals who have studied the same as you, or in the same educational center.

Optimize your profile and make the most of it.

You can add as many certificates and awards as you wish.

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