Oshinstar Marketplace is a broader concept of online sales, allowing a direct connection between the community, the talent and their digital creations.
The Oshinstar Marketplace is the destination par excellence for you, regardless if you are a digital artist or if you have the soul of a collector. A section where you will find a direct connection between the community and their digital creations.
A digital marketplace where users will be able to buy, collect and sell exclusive and limited edition digital content, including NFTs (non fungible tokens) in a secure way. Easily proposing their own world which could not be monetized and valued properly until now.
You can learn more about the Oshinstar Decentralized Marketplace in the Oshinstar Whitepaper.

Generating value from digital content

Our mission is to increase economic freedom in the world, by allowing more people to join the economy of each Stars and benefit from their work.
In this regard, Oshinstar aims to generate value from digital content by creating an exclusive environment, on a platform accessible to all where Talent will be able to choose whether to showcase their content for free or maintain a more exclusive and limited visibility.
Oshinstar comprises the following main sales channels:
Within the Oshinstar Marketplace, users will be able to securely buy, collect and sell exclusive and limited edition digital content, easily proposing their own world which could not be properly monetized and valued until now.

Exclusive Content

Oshinstar Pro account holders can generate and increase revenue through the premium content they create. Allowing the distribution and sale of original content, such as:


Users can also generate income with recurring monthly subscriptions by sharing video, photos, tracks, private messages, live broadcasts and many more benefits exclusively for their subscribers.


NFT is an acronym for "Non-fungible token", which refers to a digital asset that is not replicable or replaceable due to its individuality.
Publishing media/NFT content is a simple process that does not require knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Oshinstar aims to act as a bridge between buyers and those who want to create NFT but do not have much knowledge in the area.
More information can be found in our NFT Policies and in the NFTs Marketplace session.


Oshinstar will have a system where you as a user will be able to donate an amount of money to your favorite Talent to support them and allow them to continue doing the things they love to do. Thanks to Oshinstar, talents and a large number of artists will be able to receive contributions to make their project and their dedication sustainable.
This option is currently disabled.