Find the person you are looking for and get to know all their content.

Through Oshinstar you can connect with millions of artists and entertainment industry professionals instantly and for free. So it is very easy and practical to interact through a Like.

To access the Stars section:

  1. Tap on the Discover section at the bottom right of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Stars section.

In this section you can view the profiles of talents, artists and/or content creators, which are those who want to monetize through the platform by means of a project, casting, audition or any other professional proposal.

In the Discover section you can access the Stars section, where you will find advanced tools to find any account according to the different factors or parameters entered.

Filtering options

By tapping the Show Filter button, you will enable the filtering options corresponding to the People section, which will help you to shorten the search field and thus find that person or artist more easily.

You will see on the right, all the Industries established in Oshinstar. A way to get more specific results when filtering.

You can add one of the 8 Industries to the filter for a more specific search.

Filtering options in the People section:

You can learn more about all the filtering options corresponding to each type of account in Filtering options.

Save the set search criteria for future use

You may occasionally want to perform the same search queries, so in Oshinstar, you will have the option to save your established search settings for future reuse.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a Save new search as button. By tap the button, you will be able to save the search criteria set in the Filter for as many searches as you wish. Just add a title and tap Save.

To reset the filter boxes, tap the Clear filters button.

On Oshinstar there are profiles that enjoy outstanding popularity among the community. We are talking about profiles that are complete, verified and better positioned, thanks to their authentic presence with their followers or other users.

In the People section, you can view a list of these most popular profiles, so that you can add them and get to know all their content.

Oshinstar will show you predetermined results of the most popular profiles in the region where you are. Taking into account the industries you have enabled in your profile card.

Next to Show Filter you can view your Industries taken into consideration for these results. You will be able to modify this information and apply the filtering options you want to get better results that match your search criteria.

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