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Manage your saved profiles and privacy appropriately

Oshinstar has many customization options with respect to personal privacy and how to organize everything so that only a select few can see your post or only you can see the content that interests you.

By creating a list in Oshinstar, you will not only be able to group those profiles that you consider important or those that you really want to see their posts, but you will also be able to choose which profiles can see your content or when the content you upload should be for everyone or only for a few.

Profile lists are essential in Oshinstar if you want to manage privacy properly, they are also easy to create so follow these steps and you will have your account much more organized.

To create a new list:

  1. On the Followers or Following Profile Card, tap ⋮ located on the right.

  2. Tap ➕ Add to list.

  3. Select ➕ Create new list.

  4. Choose a name for the list and tap Create.

You can use lists to organize those profiles you have saved. Using a list allows you to post an update to specific people, such as work contacts or friends who live near you.

That you can add or remove friends from your lists at any time.

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