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Oshinstar has a program that makes everyone a winner.

Earning money by watching content since the beginning of Internet times has been and still is one of the best ways for those who are starting to earn money online. Best of all, it's free and Oshinstar is open to users from all over the world.

Content is the foundation of any online business. In this case, Oshinstar Talents earn money by monetizing their creations on the platform and part of that money goes to the users who dedicate their time to view their content. A way of earning money that tends to be very popular for the following reasons:

  • It is extremely easy to earn money

  • Totally free, no need to pay to get started

  • It works for most countries

  • You can easily charge from very low amounts.

OIn Oshinstar you will have a program that will make you a winner, receiving earnings for content without being a Talent. When a user who is not a content creator views free content from any Oshinstar Talent, they will be eligible for rewards.

User reward system

The Talent creator of the content earns an increase in popularity and thus a better position among popular profiles on Discover, which can translate into more exposure for their brand. While the user who helps the Talent gets rewards for the support offered.

There are several options for which you can earn rewards on Oshinstar:

  • For every minute viewed

  • Per like given

  • For comments given

  • For sharing the content

Oshinstar rewards are an incentive for fans and mainstream users for their interaction with the community and for the time they spend viewing Talent content.

The rewards that Oshinstar users will be able to obtain will be very varied, among these, granting them participation in the vote for the next exclusive NFT content.

Earn and trade your tokens

Use the tokens for trading staking or simply logging in to gain participation and voting power in future Oshinstar channel changes.

Basically, the user who helps a Talent to become popular and in his career as an artist, earns Oshincoin as a reward. While the Talent is placed in a better position on the platform.

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