Manage subscriptions

Your fans will be able to make recurring monthly payments in exchange for the special benefits you offer.

What are Oshinstar memberships?

Oshinstar memberships are a micro-patronage system, where you as a user or fan can donate a monthly amount of money to your favorite talents to support them and allow them to keep doing the things they love to do.

Memberships allow fans to join your account through monthly payments and get exclusive benefits:

  • Exclusive Fan-Only Video. Only members will get exclusive Fan-Only Video

  • Exclusive Fan-Only Photo. Only members will get exclusive Fan-Only Foto

Only members will get this exclusive content.

Something to keep in mind in case you want to activate this option, is that you must have a minimum of requirements, so before activating your subscription it would be convenient to verify:

Upon completion of the Tier, your membership application will be reviewed and, if applicable, approved by the Oshinstar team.

You can modify your membership pricing at any time.

To enter a new price you can either create a new Tier or delete the existing one.

Membership Tiers

Once you have verified your email and have your Pro account activated, you will need to go to your subscription manager to proceed to fill in your tier data.

In this process you will be able to create a series of payment options called membership tiers, assigning advantages or rewards to each of them to try to incentivize your fans.

Some of the boxes to fill in will be required to complete the process and enable your membership level.

  • Tier Title (Requerid)

  • Tier Price (Required)

  • Add Benefit (Required)

  • Tier Description (Required)

  • Welcome Message

By completing the Tier, you will allow your fans to subscribe to obtain exclusive content. They will be able to pay a monthly fee or for each post you make, so they will be able to fund each new work you create.

If you cancel a membership level, all existing memberships will be cancelled.

Tier Title

Add a title that your fans will identify with you and the content you create.

Tier Price

Establish the monthly income you wish to receive for the affiliation.

Add Benefit

Select the type of content you will enable for your subscribers. You will be able to choose from a list of the main recommended features for your membership.

You will be able to customize each content to suit your brand and your audience.

Tier Description

Write a brief description of the exclusive content to be produced.

Welcome Message

Create a welcome message to your subscribers to connect with them from the very first moment.

The welcome message is essential to get the relationship with your new subscribers off to a good start.

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