Once you have activated your Pro account, you are ready to start managing NFT.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that can essentially be anything digital (images, GIFs, videos, music, artwork).

What are collection NFTs?

Set up or connect your portfolio to Oshinstar.

  1. Tap Create under My Collections.

  2. Add a name and description to the collection

  3. Upload a descriptive image of your collection.

  4. Tap on Add new items.

  5. Start listing your NFT collection for sale.

Create a collection

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Once you have set up or connected your wallet to Oshinstar, tap on "Create" where you will be taken to a section where you can upload your files.

Step 2: Create collection

Once you get started, you are going to come across the Create button, which will allow you to create your first NFT collection.

Now, you must tap on "Create", then "My Collections". Then tap on "Create a new collection" and add a new name and description to your collection and upload a descriptive image of it.

You will not be creating any NFTs at this time, we are just setting up a collection in which you will be able to display your work later, keep in mind that you will be able to edit your collection information later.

To finish, tap on "Add new items" and you will jump to the back of your collection.

Offering your NFT for sale

Once you are satisfied with your listed Item, tap Create and access the item section of your NFT, where you can begin listing your NFT for sale.

In the Items section of your NFT, you will have access to the price history of your NFT, its description and details, and other listings it may have in other collections.

From the Items section, you can tap on the "Sell" button, where you can start listing your item for sale on the Oshinstar NFT marketplace.

You will need to complete the following fields according to your interests:

  • Fixed price vs. scheduled auction

  • Price

  • Duration

Fixed Price

Allows people to buy your NFT instantly at a price you choose to set.

Timed Auction

Sets your NFT to sell to the highest bidder within the time period you set for the sale.

Ultimately, each field depends on other fields as you choose the settings for selling your NFT.

If you have other NFTs that you wish to sell together, you can create a collection and put it up for sale.

It is important to remember that there is a 2.5% service fee at Oshinstar.

Once you are satisfied with your price and duration, tap List Complete and Oshinstar will open your wallet to confirm your listing.

Upon completing the process of creating and/or selling video NFT on Oshinstar it will be published on your chosen blockchain. If someone buys your NFT, the money will automatically be sent to your chosen wallet.

Improving the collection

There are a few tricks that are worthwhile before you start creating your first NFTs:

  • In the image above, you will see that there is a custom banner; you can upload your own by clicking on the pencil icon at the top right. The banner will be seen in the different devices, so you should look for dimensions around 1400×400 pixels and avoid text inside them.

  • The Payments tab shows outstanding payments due on secondary sales (your tab will be empty for now) and pressing Visit will take you to your public collection.

  • To add things like social links and update the image/description/name you must click on Edit.

  • On the profile page, you'll also see the option to choose what kind of payment tokens you'd like to accept for your sales (leave them at default, if you're not sure what you're doing) and set a secondary sales fee of up to 10%.

  • If you decide you'd like to receive a 5% commission (for example) on all future sales of your NFTs, you need to type a 5 in the appropriate box and enter your wallet address in the field below it.

Once you are satisfied, tap on Submit Changes and you will be returned to your home page.

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