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Build your better tomorrow. Discover & Connect to new opportunities around the world instantly for FREE.

Oshinstar is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected artists, businesses, professionals, fans and enthusiasts from around the world.

A platform created to highlight and offer value to people who want to grow their business based on their skills and exclusive content, promoting their services, products or knowledge about different industries in the art world. Allowing all participants in the industry related to art, show business and entertainment to create connections, interact, build a reputation and establish successful professional networks without the interference of third parties and with the support of an entire community.

The heart of Oshinstar

The search capability is one of the most developed elements of Oshinstar.

The application uses the Inter Filter Communication Protocol (IFCP). An innovation that allows you to discover and connect with everyone, achieving results quickly through new opportunities.

Every day millions of artists and entertainment industry professionals connect with each other and build their audience organized around their interests, receiving direct support from fans in different ways.

Enter a new universe of connected Artists, Businesses and Fans.

Oshinstar is for you if you want to open up more to your audience and take your work to the top. Through its powerful tools, you can showcase your achievements, skills and ideas beyond your passion and work experience.

Promote your creations, interact with your fans and make the most of Oshinstar.

Generate recurring revenue through your exclusive content without being charged commissions. Let your fans become part of your growth.

The key is to connect in a meaningful and authentic way! Oshinstar offers artists, organizations and professionals a unique way to distribute their creations while interacting directly with millions of fans.

Interact with your audience through videos, images, tracks and more. You can reply to comments, read private messages or check the list of subscribers to your profile or membership.

Let your most dedicated fans support your creative work through memberships and accepting donations, as well as allowing custom requests. Build a recurring revenue stream through your creations.

Sell your audience exclusive content directly without being charged commissions through Oshinstar and let your fans become part of your growth.

Discover or receive millions of personalized opportunities at every step of your journey, including projects, jobs, castings, auditions and internships from esteemed companies in the entertainment industry.

The artists can convert (if they wish) any video, tracks or photo into an NFTs and subsequently sell them on the Decentralized Oshinstar Marketplace, thus allowing Fans to enjoy exclusive content from their favorite artists while supporting them by investing in their NFTs or signing up for a subscription.

The OshinCoin (OSH) Token is an utility token and is the exchange engine for all transactions within the Oshinstar platform.

OSH Tokens are used across the platform for unlocking memberships, buy and sell exclusive content, buy and sell NFTs, liquidity mining, rewards, tipping, advertising, ad mining and establishing decentralized reputation.

The underlying principle is to fairly help artists to develop their careers, provide influencers and content creators a way to monetize their brand.

It also facilitates holders access to exclusive features, low fees and a better platform experience.

Fans are rewarded with tokens for the engagement they give on the app everyday. The tokens can then be exchanged with artists for a variety of rewards such as access to exclusive content. More information

Set to operate a next-gen decentralized marketplace, swapping digital assets, with very low fees and instant transaction confirmation.

Now is your moment to build a better tomorrow

We’ve seen what the future can be. Now it’s time to decide what it will be.

Why we are the future

  • We Supporting artists and businesses with the creative freedom to realise their vision

  • We inspire Artists and Professionals of entertainment industry to create great connections, works better and experience more.

  • Trusted Recommendations

  • Individuality and creativity is encouraged, and diversity is celebrated.

  • We focus on helping unknown top artists being discovered

  • Earn anytime, anywhere.

  • Oshinstar Studios discovers untapped, unsigned, and talented artists on Oshinstar platforms and connects them to global multi-media entertainment companies.

The most trusted way to build value.

Oshinstar offers a unique way to measure user contribution which, in turn, can serve as a valuable data point to help understand an individual's reputation.

It features a popularity system that allows a user's credibility on the platform to be identified. Assigning each profile a reputation and adding security to the community.

Since many users accessing this platform are looking for a more professional profile with which to reach many followers, there is the possibility of setting the account as Pro for all those talents who want to reach their full potential.

A Pro account along with other requirements can help you monetize your Oshinstar account. Turn your account into a revenue generating source.

This type of account will allow you to make the most of your resources, providing you with key information to improve your positioning in the industry.

Only profiles that meet certain requirements can have a Pro account, and can publish paid content, NFTs or Memberships. Ensuring quality content in the community.

This also helps in the recruitment phase to choose the most valued talents, artists or organization.

This has proven to be very effective and has resulted in a noticeable reduction in inauthentic activity.

What will you build?

  • Artists & Talents

  1. Feature Access: Artists can directly engage with and transact with their fans, organizations and node operators of entertainment industry.

  2. Governance: Artists in Oshinstar are the pioneers of the new era of entertainment industry. Join a fast-growing career and build upon a secure and stable foundation.. Empower your community to organize and allocate resources to its members. Vote on impactful governance decisions.

  3. Security

Create exchanges and marketplaces that allow anyone around the world to buy, trade, invest, and lend – even without a bank account.

  • Resilient, autonomous organizations

  • Game economies, owned by players

Create in-game assets that are available forever. Bring lasting value to gamers by letting them take their loot to another game or into the real world.

Secured and privacy by Oshinstar

  • Security for your account and all your digital assets

  • Full control over who can see what you publish

  • User blocking and restriction option

  • Security resources for parents

Join the network

Join a growing community and be part of an ocean of stars. Receive exclusive opportunities while interacting with the community and be part of the talent's journey before their career takes off.

Meet the worldwide community

Oshinstar is a community where artists from different sectors and hobbyists from all over the world build relationships with each other. In it you can find different industries related to your skills, as well as many communities specialized in certain works, such as modeling, music, photography and much more.

Be part of the open artists economy of the future.

Access will be democratized; anyone can contribute to Oshinstar if they follow the protocol rules, and all information is publicly accessible.

access to exclusive features.

Oshinstar tokens will serve as collateral for artist-based tooling as well. Early examples incubated by the community include artists tokens, badges and earnings multipliers. In the future, fans may delegate tokens to specific artists and curators to share in their growth on the platform and the issuance of future tokens.

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