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Post comments on that content you like so much.

On Oshinstar you can interact with the content you like through different communication tools. You can leave your comments on any post that catches your attention or comment to participate in the conversation.

Anyone who can see the post will see your comment.

  1. To post a comment, find the content where you want to leave a comment or that thought.

  2. Tap on the dialogue icon 💬 just below the content.

  3. When you do so, a blank bar or a bar with other comments will appear and you can start writing your comment.

    Oshinstar has no character limit, which means you'll have plenty of room to say what's on your mind.

Comments are organized in order of creation. When you leave a comment, your Display Name and the time elapsed since it was created will be displayed.

Be nice. There are rules in the Oshinstar user agreement that prohibit offensive language or bullying behavior.

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