Find the track you want to listen to through an advanced search.

In the Marketplace section you can access the Tracks Section, where you will find advanced tools to find the track you want to listen to based on the different factors or parameters entered.

Shorten your search field

By tapping the Show Filter button, you will enable the filtering options corresponding to the Tracks section, which will help you to shorten the search field and thus find that track easily.

From the main screen, you will be able to remove each of the added filters without re-entering Show Filter.

Filtering options in the Traks section:

  • Order by

  • Location

  • Uploaded date

  • Duration

  • Content type

  • Musical genre

  • Account type

    • People

      • Industries & Categories

      • Skills

    • Business

      • Industries & Categories

      • Business type

  • Language preferences

  • Verified profiles

The Industries and Categories and Skills filtering options will be visible when you specify the type of account in which you want to search for the lead:

Save your search settings

You may want to perform the same search queries from time to time, so in Oshinstar you will have the option to save the set search settings for future reuse.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a Save New Search As button. By tapping the button, you will be able to save the search criteria set in the Filter for as many searches as you want. Just add a title and tap Save.

To reset the filter boxes, tap the Clear Filters button.

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