Add or change a cover presentation

The cover presentation is the first thing that users see every time they visit your profile above all the content you publish. An excellent way to differentiate ourselves from others.

Your cover presentation is the large image at the top of your profile, above your avatar picture.

Like your avatar picture, your cover presentation is public, which means that anyone who visits your profile will be able to see it, regardless of how you set up your account.

To add or change the cover presentation:

  1. Log in to your Profile at the bottom right of Oshinstar.

  2. Tap your Profile Card and swipe down to display your presentation box cover.

  3. Tap 📷 and select your favorite cover slide show. If you currently have a cover layout, tap at the top right and tap edit ✏️. From this point you will be able to choose which version of your cover you want to edit: Oshinstar's mobile version or desktop version.

  4. Select at the bottom center right which version you wish to edit: Mobile or Desktop.

  5. Tap Select Photo. If you currently have a cover slide show, tap Change Photo.

  6. Upload the photo you want from your Camera or Gallery.

  7. After choosing a photo, you can reposition it by tapping the image and dragging it to the direction that applies.

  8. Confirm the action and tap Next.

  9. After adjusting your cover photo for your mobile or desktop, you will immediately have the option to adjust the cover for the remaining version of Oshinstar. Mobile or Desktop.

  10. Confirm the action and tap Next.

Choosing a cover presentation is a perfect way to set the stage for your storytelling.

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