Manage Subscriptions

A place to manage and organize your subscriptions.

The best way to organize your subscriptions

If you are an Oshinstar user, it is likely that you are subscribed to several memberships, in order to enjoy all that exclusive content.

Premium content, or private content, as it is not available to the public.

Oshinstar accounts can have this option available to all interested fans through a monthly subscription.

All your subscriptions will be stored in the Manage Subscriptions section of your Library. A place to manage and organize your subscriptions.

To access your Manager Subscriptions:

  1. Enter your Library at the bottom center of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Manager Subscription section, where you will be able to view: Manage Subscriptions, Video, Images, Tracks, Collection.

When you log in to your Manage Subscription, you will see a list of your 10 most recent subscriptions.

If you want to see all your subscriptions, tap the Manage Subscription button to access all your subscriptions with their respective status.

Upon accessing, you will be able to view a series of useful tools and information for better and more efficient management:

  • All

  • Active

  • Due

  • Pending

  • Cancel

You will be able to perform the following actions

Report any content you consider inappropriate.

Visit your subscriber's profile.

Share your subscriber's profile with whomever you wish through the instant messaging service.

Share the profile with any member of the Oshinstar community. This way, whoever receives the message will only have to tap on it to view the profile.

About your exclusive content

In your Manage Subscription you will be able to view all the content acquired through these subscriptions (videos, images, tracks and collections). The content will be organized in order of arrival in their respective folders.

When you enter the folders, at the top left of the screen, you will have a search engine, which you can use to browse through the history of all the content you have purchased. Just below it, the content will be shown.

For this content, you will have enabled functions that will help you organize, express yourself and connect with other people:

  • Add to list

  • Unsave/save

  • Share

  • Open Chat

Once you have purchased a monthly subscription, you will be able to download the content to your device and/or view it on Oshinstar online/offline.

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