Blockchain Analytics

Oshinstar Blockchain security and privacy, beyond the technology.

Oshinstar Blockchain

Oshinstar’s Private Blockchain is a security measure that validates every single delicate action inside the app that might affect user’s popularity, authenticity of engagement/interactions metrics, purchases and more.

Delicate Actions:

  • Liking media

  • Commenting media

  • Following/Unfollowing profiles

  • Saving/Unsaving profiles

  • More…

Since these actions might be tampered with, by the use of bots and automated systems, Oshinstar validates each

action based on a series of key factors such as geolocation, IP address, X number of requests for X protected endpoint and more.

After these actions are validated by different validating processes, it is written as a new block on our private blockchain, this information is then delivered on our Analytics, Popularity, Interactions and other places inside Oshinstar.

What is Blockchain?

The Blockchain is a technology that allows digital data to be transferred very securely, using sophisticated encryption.

Precisely in the non-existence of intermediaries is the great novelty: there is no need for an intermediary to approve the information, but it is distributed in independent nodes that register and validate it.

An important detail is that once the information has been entered, it cannot be deleted or edited: only more records can be added.

That is why Blockchain technology is considered one of the safest technologies to carry out any number of transactions of different kinds: it speeds up, reduces costs and secures processes.

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