Pro Account

Take your account to another level. Convert your Individual or Business account to a Pro account and access more features.

Already have your Oshinstar account? Perfect, then the next step is to upgrade it to a Pro Account to unlock more benefits.

Oshinstar Pro account requirements

Something to keep in mind in case you want to change your Individual or Business account to Pro, is that you must have a minimum of requirements, so before changing your account it would be convenient to verify:

Once you have met all the requirements, you will be able to upgrade to the Pro account.

In order to activate it in Oshinstar you will need to go to the Menu on the top right and then tap Switch to Star Pro. This will activate monetization on Oshinstar.

To activate the Pro account:

  1. Activate the Switch to Star Pro.

What is an Oshinstar Pro account?

In Oshinstar you can find different talents and brands looking to achieve a positioning within our community and the world.

This type of account will allow you to make the most of your resources, providing you with key information to improve your positioning in the industry.

Like the basic accounts, Oshinstar Pro allows you to discover and be discovered freely, achieving results quickly through new opportunities.

However, this type of account is created for all those users who wish to have a professional profile, offering various tools for our talents:

An Oshinstar pro account in conjunction with other requirements can help you monetize your Oshinstar account. Turn your account into a revenue generating source.

Pro accounts are designed for you to generate money through content. Being able to visualize how much money you are making on this platform.

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