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Share your profile in a unique way with total freedom.

Make yourself known in the way that best suits you.

One of the best ways to grow on Oshinstar is to share your profile with the community, on other social networks and around the world.

Through this practice, companies, professionals, talents, artists from different sectors and your fans will be able to easily follow you on Oshinstar and have access to all your content and get to know the platform. to all your content.

Oshinstar offers you a number of features that allow you to copy and share your account link. The process to do so is really simple.

To share your Oshinstar profile:

  1. Go to your profile at the bottom right of Oshinstar.

  2. Tap on your Control Panel.

  3. Select Share profile to.

  4. Choose the application through which you want to share your profile.

Sharing a profile via instant messaging

Sharing a profile through the instant messaging service is a good way to find and get professional opportunities. In addition to inviting them to view your content.

Its compatibility with most applications makes it one of the community's favorites.

Share a profile via Oshinstar chat

Share a profile with any member of the community through the Oshinstar chat. This way, whoever receives the message will only have to tap on it to view the profile.

This message can be sent initially by any user, you don't necessarily have to follow them.

Copy and share the url of an Oshinstar account

Creating a link to your Oshinstar profile is useful if you want to share your contact information professionally and quickly.

An option to be able to share a link wherever you want. Once you have copied it to the clipboard, just paste it wherever you want it to appear. Users, after tapping it, will be taken directly to your profile.

This is much faster than having to search for the name in the search engine.

My Oshin Code

Your OshinCode is an extremely simple feature that allows you to share your profile with others via a QR code of your own.

A feature that is undoubtedly very convenient in certain situations, making it a great ally when sharing your Oshinstar profile.

With your OshinCode/QR codes, you can share your Oshinstar profile with other people you have just met or with those professionals or companies you wish to present your portfolio to.

You can scan other people's codes directly from the application.

Your Saved

Save those profiles that you like or that are relevant to your business or activity.

Oshinstar allows you to save any profile, video, photo or track to your profile. A place where you can view all the content or profile you like in the same place.

Your Saved is a section that is located right in our Control Panel and in the Library section. When you access it, you will find five sections:

  • People Saved

  • Business Saved

  • Videos Saved

  • Images Saved

  • Tracks Saved

In each of these sections will be stored all the content or profile you decide to save for posterity.

You and only you will be able to see the content you have there. You can also unsave any post or profile by tapping and unchecking the Delete button.

Therefore, if you are browsing Oshinstar and you wish to save some content for posterity, you only need to tap shown on the top right and then tap Save (video, photo, track). Automatically, this publication will go to the Your Saved category, being placed in its respective category.

In case it is a profile, go to its profile and tap Saved or tap which is located on the right side of its Profile Card and then Save.

In this section you can save everything you need. Find and manage the information you have saved.

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