Two-Factor autentication

Protect your account and increase security on Oshinstar.

Two-Step Authentication is a security feature that, along with your password, helps protect your Oshinstar account.

If you set up this feature, you will be prompted to enter a special login code or confirm the login attempt each time someone tries to access Oshinstar from a browser or mobile device we don't recognize.

You will also receive alerts each time you log in from an unrecognized device or third-party application.

To enable or disable two-step authentication in Oshinstar:

  1. In the General section, tap 🔵 to enable/disable two-step authentication.

  2. Select one of the three security methods:

    Receive an access code via the authentication app. Tap the QR code or use the authentication app to scan the barcode. Enter a code generated by the authentication app.

Enabling two-factor authentication makes it even more difficult for others to access your account.

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