Send job proposals directly.

If the profile you are visiting has activated the Pro mode (Pro Account), you will be able to see a button called Engage on their Card Preferences. An access that will allow you to send job proposals directly.

To send job proposals directly to an Oshinstar profile:

  1. Go to Discover at the bottom left of Oshinstar.

  2. Tap the Username/Display Name or Avatar Image of the profile you want to visit. You will be taken to a section where you will find the most popular Oshinstar profiles. You can scroll down or up to continue viewing more profiles. If you want to continue viewing the selected profile, tap its Username/Display Name or Cover Presentation again.

  3. Tap on the Engage button below his avatar image to send him job proposals directly.

We recommend having this option disabled if you are not available for work.

Only those who have the button enabled will be able to receive direct requests.

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