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Supporting these talents to continue creating amazing content.

The key is to connect in a meaningful and authentic way! Thanks to the Become a fan button, Oshinstar offers its community a unique way for them to become fans and sponsor the work of their favorite talent.

To become a fan of an Oshinstar account:

  1. On your profile card, tap on the right.

  2. Select the Become a fan option.

  3. In the Subscription section, tap Become a fan.

  4. Select your payment method:

    • Balance

    • Paypal

    • Card

  5. Tap Buy Now.

The way to proceed is simple, visit the profile of the talent you want to support and tap to select the Become a fan option. When you select this option, you will enter the Subscription section, where you will be able to see the advantages of membership and the different payment methods available.

You can use our search engine to find the talent you like so much.

What is an Oshinstar talent?

A Talent is any user, artist, company, performer or fan who creates valuable content for their audience on a consistent basis. A Talent can ask for contributions to make their creations and dedication sustainable.

When we say creations, we mean any content, such as a video, photo or track made by the Talent.

Creating quality content on a consistent basis is a full-time, hard work. So if you contribute content to the platform and have a specific audience that likes to consume it, you are an Oshinstar Talent.

Become a Fan Sponsor

Becoming a Fan Sponsor is undoubtedly one of the most solid ways to support a Talent.

At Oshinstar, a large number of talents sell their creations. As a Fan or audience, you are the greatest asset they have ever had. When they sell something, they expect you to buy it.

By becoming a Fan Sponsor, you are supporting these talents to continue to create amazing content and you can even get additional exclusive content listed below:

  • Exclusive Fan-Only Video. Only members will get exclusive Fan-Only Video

  • Exclusive Fan-Only Photo. Only members will get exclusive Fan-Only Foto

Share your content on social media

If you like a piece of content, chances are your co-workers, friends and family will like it too.

Hit the share button and help your favorite Talent get noticed. The more content you share, the more chances the Talent will have to be discovered and connect through their creations.

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