Safety resources for parents

Learn about the various tools designed to help parents and guardians get to know Oshinstar better, ensuring the privacy and security of the child.

Get to know the platform

We strive to protect Oshinstar users. We designed several tools to help you, parents and guardians, to better understand Oshinstar in terms of the functionalities available, both to enjoy the platform and to promote the well-being of your teenage sons and daughters, ensuring their privacy and safety. It will also help them decide whether they can have their own profile on Oshinstar, as well as supervise them.

For example, we prevent sensitive information, such as children's contact information, school and date of birth, from appearing in searches for all users.

See our Guide for Parents and Guardians for more information about the safety of your teenage son or daughter, you can read our

How can I help my teenager to use Oshinstar wisely?

When you create an account, depending on your child's age, different settings (configurable options) automatically, i.e. by default, take on a certain value or status. These features will allow you and your child to decide how you want your child's Oshinstar experience to be and highlight the value of teaching responsible behavior in the digital environment.

For the most positive experience, we recommend that you involve your child in the account creation process. It will be really helpful for you to take this step to better accompany your child. Likewise, we recommend that you try out the platform and invite other parents to do the same and try out the social options together. You can learn more about safety on our Safety Policy and Guide for Parents and Guardians page.

Talk to them about how you expect them to behave online and help them understand what is safe. Make sure your child understands these basic examples of Internet safety:

  • Never share your password.

  • Think before you post any creations or publications.

  • Define your privacy settings and review them frequently.

  • Evaluate the user's profile before accepting their follower request.

  • Report any account or content that seems suspicious.

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