Add my Display Name

Express your identity on Oshinstar with display names.

Your Display Name is the name that identifies you Oshinstar.

They appear in places like your profile card, chat, search, people lists or next to your avatar whenever they visit your profile.

You can select one of the four types of Display Names available in Oshinstar.

  • Artistic Name

  • Nick Name

  • Maiden name

  • Married Name

To create your Display Name on Oshinstar:

  1. Enter your Profile in the lower right part of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Information section.

  3. Tap Display Name.

  4. Select the type of Display Name.

  5. Enter your Display Name. We recommend not using a username with more than 20 characters.

  6. Tap Save Changes.

When you change your screen name, the old one becomes available for another member to use.

We recommend that your screen name be no longer than 20 characters.

You can disable your Display Name at any time and use your default Name.

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