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Build your better tomorrow. Start Discover & Connect to new opportunities around the world instantly for FREE.

Oshinstar is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected talents, services and fans to create the most memorable partnerships on Earth.

Oshinstar is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected ARTISTIS, SERVICES and FANS, to create the most memorable partnerships on Earth and empower creatives globally.

The heart of Oshinstar

The search capability is one of the most developed elements of Oshinstar.

The application uses the Inter Filter Communication Protocol (IFCP).

An innovation that allows you to discover and connect with everyone, achieving results quickly through new opportunities.

Every day millions of artists and professionals in the entertainment industry network with each other and build an audience organized around their interests, receiving direct support from fans in different ways.

Enter a new universe and connect with artists, professionals and fans from all over the world.

Profile to Stand Out

Oshinstar provides powerful tools for you to showcase your achievements, skills and ideas beyond your passion and work experience.

The power of connection

Our mission is to build a more connected world. To facilitate a crowdfunding space for all artists, entertainment industry professionals and fans around the world.

Find the opportunity of a lifetime

Discover and receive millions of personalized opportunities at every step of your journey, including projects, jobs, castings, auditions and internships from companies in the entertainment industry.

Let your fans become active participants

Sell exclusive content, create a membership, accept donations, and allow custom requests. Sell to your audience directly through Oshinstar with zero fees taken!

Monetize your creations

Create and consolidate a loyal community around your creations and let your most passionate fans support your creative work through a monthly membership.

📽️ NFTs sales

Talents can turn any of their creations into an NFT and subsequently sell them on the Oshinstar Decentralized Marketplace, allowing fans to enjoy exclusive content, invest in NFTs and/or show their support by purchasing a subscription.

💱 The FUEL of the Oshinstar Platform

The OshinCoin Token (OSH) is a utility token and is the exchange engine for all transactions within the Oshinstar platform.

OSH tokens are used throughout the platform to unlock memberships, buy and sell exclusive content, buy and sell NFTs, liquidity mining, rewards, tips, advertising, ad mining and establish decentralized reputation.

The underlying principle is to fairly support the entire community. Help all our talents and entertainment industry professionals to develop their projects and monetize their brand. Facilitate their access to exclusive features and a better experience on the platform.

Fans are rewarded with tokens for the engagement they give on the app every day. Tokens can be exchanged with talents for a range of rewards, such as access to exclusive content. Read more

Decentralized Marketplace

Set to operate a next-gen decentralized marketplace, swapping digital assets, with very low fees and instant transaction confirmation.

Now is your moment to build a better tomorrow

We’ve seen what the future can be. Now it’s time to decide what it will be.

Why we are the future

  • We focus on helping talents to be discovered and to develop a recurring revenue stream through the monetization of their content.

  • We support entertainment industry professionals with full creative freedom, to realize their vision and to have access to the best profiles in the market.

  • We provide the community with tools to help keep their account secure and privacy.

  • We have offline playback, so you can download all your content for later viewing.

The most trusted way to build value.

Reputation is a never-ending challenge for social media platforms, which is why we enable content creation without requiring invasive personal information to register.

We offer a unique way to measure user contribution which, in turn, can serve as a valuable data point to help understand an individual's reputation.

At Oshinstar we have developed an algorithm called the Popularity System, a system that allows us to identify a user's credibility on the platform.

Each user will be assigned a reputation, increasing their credibility and reinforcing the security of the entire community. In addition, only users who meet certain requirements can have a Pro account, and will be able to publish paid content, NFTs or memberships, guaranteeing quality content.

This also helps in the recruitment phase to choose the most valued talents or professionals in the entertainment industry. Proving to be very effective and resulting in a noticeable reduction of inauthentic activity.

Social Impact

  • Artists & Talents

    Build a fanbase, share your work in progess, engage and transact with fans. Take your career to the next level online and offline.

  • Governance

    Join a fast-growing career on a secure and stable basis. You will run your own business through a platform created and supported by Oshinstar. While we'll lend you a hand in any way we can, you'll be personally in charge of all your work with complete freedom.

  • Security

    The security and privacy of the Oshinstar community is of utmost importance. We offer tools to help keep accounts secure and privacy protected for all your digital assets.

Professionals, companies and autonomous organizations

Professionals and companies related to the entertainment industry can use and take full advantage of the intelligent search engine. A tool that provides quick access to different types of profiles.

They will be able to add and adjust filters according to their needs and obtain results with the precision of a Japanese knife.

Fans & Followers

Join a growing community and support an Oshinstar talent. Track their career through membership, profile interaction and their creations.

Start earning crypto by receiving exclusive opportunities while interacting with the community and being part of the talent's journey before their career takes off.



Finance your artwork, exhibitions, installations and more.

Sell your works in person and virtually, as well as give special access to future deliveries, widening the scope of your market action.


Connect to the digital music revolution.

Get your music heard in more innovative ways and earn money from both loyal fans and casual listeners around the world through your tracks, concerts and live events.


Finance your training.

Facilitate your communication between the different actors in the world of sport and be part of a network of contacts that will allow you to access the sports market as an emerging athlete.


Promote your work.

Participate in virtual casting from the comfort of your cell phone or computer from anywhere in the world, as well as coordinate casting or interviews in person at your location.


Consolidate yourself as a dance performer.

Take advantage of all our tools and connect with projects where you can develop as a professional dancer.


Host your films in a simple, fast and free way.

Add and share your project in a simple, fast and free way. Focus on creating unique content that reflects your full potential.

Be part of the open artists economy of the future.

Access is democratized; Oshinstar works with an open economy, where any user can finance talents or personal projects in a completely vertical way and without intermediaries.

Anyone can contribute to Oshinstar if they follow the rules of the protocol. For this reason it becomes one of the best options when it comes to earning money as an Oshinstar Talent or an established company, as they rely solely on the money coming directly from a Fan Promoter.

Access to exclusive features.

Oshinstar users will have access to tokens. These will serve as collateral for artist-based tools.

Early examples incubated by the community include talent tokens, badges and earnings multipliers.

In the future, fans will be able to delegate tokens to specific talents and curators to share in their growth on the platform and the issuance of future tokens. Without a doubt, a platform designed for talents and their fans.

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