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Get followers on Oshinstar and gain popularity.

⭐ Establish a bond with your fans

Subscriptions on oshinstar were created with the goal of bringing fans closer to their favorite companies, talents or artists, through valuable content in exchange for a financial reward.

Apart from monetizing your content, in this tool you can manage your subscription plans and also view the number of active subscribers, trials and monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Through the subscription, a monthly fee will be established for those interested in viewing your content to pay for it; the amount will depend on the account holder.

Subscription to your private content is done through the following payment methods:

  • Balance

  • Paypal

  • Card

The amount will be charged until the subscription is cancelled. The fan may cancel at any time.

On the fan's statement, the membership charge will appear in the name of

How to get Ohsinstar membership activated

Something to keep in mind in case you want to activate the subscription to your account, is that only accounts that meet the following requirements can activate memberships:

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, your members will be able to make recurring monthly payments in exchange for the special benefits you offer.

Guarantee the success of your subscriptions

To guarantee the success of your subscriptions, it is very important to establish quality in your free content, this way you will be able to encourage users to subscribe and for this, it is convenient to invest resources and time in establishing a well-managed membership and valuable content.

Establishing a good quality-price ratio between the content you provide and the price you charge for membership is the key to success, as well as projecting a good image and quality of the content you offer.

Other essential requirements to guarantee the update of the memberships is to update the section with new fresh and dynamic contents to the ones already in this section, since if we do not update the subscribers' area, they will not renew their subscriptions once the payment of the membership is finished.

It is important to note that the free content section should also be updated, since private content is not filtered by search engines and therefore does not contribute to strengthen your positioning.

The more content you upload, the more chances of success you will have to increase the number of subscriptions that will bring you fixed monthly earnings.

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