Verify my device

For security purposes, we may ask you to verify your device via email. If email verification is required, we will ask you to check your inbox to complete verification when you log in.

I’m not getting the verification emails

Si no recibes nuestros emails de verificación, comprueba lo siguiente:

  • Agrega [email protected] a tu lista de contactos de email e intenta iniciar sesión de nuevo, lo que hará que se vuelva a enviar el enlace.

  • Revisa tu bandeja de spam y los filtros para ver si tienes emails procedentes de [email protected]

  • Si tienes un dominio privado para tu email, ponte encontacto con la empresa que aloja tu dominio y solicita que se agregue [email protected] a tu lista de emails seguros.

If you get a message that the link expired when you try to verify, don't worry. Here are some steps you can take to try again:

  • Log in with a different web browser. If you are using Firefox, disable the enhanced anti-scratch protection, as it may block verification on your device.

  • Log in again and wait 15 minutes for a new verification link to arrive. If you try to log in during that 15-minute period, the first verification link will expire.

  • Be sure to use the most recent link we sent you.

  • Verify only with the device you want to log in on (i.e. do not verify on your phone if you want to access the account on your computer).

If you prefer to complete verification with a two-step authentication application or SMS, you can enable two-step authentication.

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