First step

Get information about the first steps to create and verify your Oshinstar account.

Welcome to Oshinstar. Here are the basic steps to follow to create an account, and you are one step closer to fulfilling your dream!

Discover and connect with the world

Oshinstar is a platform that facilitates the opportunity to connect with companies, professionals, talents, artists from different sectors and fans at any time and anywhere in the world. Opening the doors to a solid network of contacts to strengthen relationships with other professionals.

The talents

A talent is someone who produces content for commercial purposes and interacts with fans, earning money through payments for exclusive content or monthly contributions through memberships.

One of our core behaviors is to put our talents first, so if you are looking for a place to inspire, connect and succeed through your creations, Oshinstar is for you.

Oshinstar has a system that allows you to earn money directly through payments for exclusive content or monthly contributions through subscriptions.

Professionals and Business

The objective of Oshinstar is not only to support you by selling your creations, it is a platform that arises to put professionals and Business to connect with their target audience and attract customers.

You will have tools that will help you to find qualified profiles, projects or companies to do business with or promote your services, products or knowledge about different industries in the art world.

Fans and sponsors

A fan is an admirer or follower of a talent, company or professional. You can become their sponsor by supporting their work through the purchase of a membership or exclusive content.

As a sponsor, you can interact directly with the person you are sponsoring and the community that represents them.

You'll get special benefits, which can include access to exclusive creations, exclusivity, personalized experiences, and a bigger and better experience with their fan community.

Discover, buy, create and sell your NFTs

Get information on how to discover, buy, create and publish your NFTs (non fungible tokens). As well as everything related to the Marketplace, a broader concept of online sales, allowing a direct connection between the community, the talent and their digital creations.

Take the first step with us to start using this platform and sign up.

We will guide you step by step through the process of creating your new account.

You will see that it is a fairly simple process to complete.

To register at Oshinstar you must be 13 years or older, in accordance with our terms of service, and at the time of registration you must confirm your age. Read more

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