Create a collection

Organize in collections all your published or saved videos, photos or tracks, to watch them at a later time.

Easily organize all your videos, photos or tracks into albums for sharing. With Oshinstar's collections you can group and organize your content however you want.

You are free to create groups of everything you have added to your section. This way you can better organize all your videos, photos and tracks stored in your profile.

In addition to creating these collections Oshinstar also allows you to share collections with other Oshinstar users or even invite these users to view your collections.

To create and share your collections in Oshinstar:

  1. Enter your Profile in the lower right part of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Collections section and tap Go to Camera Roll or βž•.

  3. Select the type of collection you want to create:

    • Create a photo collection

    • Create a collection of tracks

    • Create a video collection

  4. Select the files you want to add to the collection.

  5. Tap Add a Title and add a title for your collection.

  6. Confirm that the material is original or you have permission for its publication.

  7. If desired, tap the loaded content to crop or adjust its thumbnail. From this same place you can delete or change the selected content.

  8. Tap Add collection details to add all the information for your post.

  9. If you want to add any extra content, tap πŸ“·and choose the content you want to add from your reel or camera.

  10. If you want to sell your content, tap πŸ’° and set a price for your collection.

  11. If you want to customize who can view your collection, tap πŸ‘₯ and select an option:

    • Oshinstar Members

    • Everybody

    • Your followers

    • Private If you want to share your post privately, tap πŸ‘₯ or Share privately and select the user.

  12. Tap ⬆️ and select when to publish your Collection.

  13. Press Upload.

Undoubtedly, an option in which users will be able to sort their extensive lists of items stored in Oshinstar.

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