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Show your support for the creators you like the most through their content.

On Oshinstar you can show your support for your favorite talents through their profile and content. By purchasing their exclusive content you support and allow them to continue doing the things they love to do.

  1. To buy that content you like so much, go to the video, picture or track you want to buy.

  2. Once you are in the content you want to buy, tap Buy this [video, photo, track]. In this section you will see the price you have to pay and the established payment methods: Oshinstar Balance, PayPal, Credit Card.

  3. Select your payment method and press the Buy Now button.

Each Talent can shape his Oshinstar profile in the way that suits him best, setting the price he wants for his creations.

Oshinstar only serves as an intermediary for direct communication between the Talent and the Fan Sponsor.

On the Sponsoring Fan's account statement, the membership charge will appear in the name of

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