Add or change my avatar image

The avatar is your image within the Oshinstar Community by which you will be recognized. An avatar image is the best way for other people to identify you.

The importance of the avatar image

Social networks have great influence in the lives of people and businesses, so much so that you have to take care of every detail such as the profile name, the content to be published and even the profile avatar.

The avatar is your image within the Oshinstar Community, it is the best way for other people to identify you. So a poorly chosen image can do you a lot of harm. It is the first entrance door to see your portfolio.

Avoid using:

  • Out-of-focus images

  • Images that do not correspond to reality

  • Very low resolution images

  • Images of celebrities

  • Abstract images

Avoid an avatar with some of these characteristics, as it will be associated with your profile, and will represent the first impression of your personal brand or business.

To add your Oshinstar avatar image or change the one you currently have:

  1. Enter your Profile in the lower right part of Oshinstar.

  2. Tap your Avatar image in the upper left corner to enter Avatar Settings.

  3. Choose who and what avatar images can see (Everybody, Oshinstar Members, Your followers, Private).

  4. Select where you would like to import your image from.

  5. Adjust the image and then tap Save.

Why should I have a good avatar image?

Your profile picture or avatar image is very important because it is the first face related to you or your business that the user will find in the Oshinstar community, and it is the icon with which he will identify you.

Having a good profile picture is synonymous with credibility. A well thought out avatar shows that the account is professional, reliable and credible.

It is advisable to have a memorable and recognizable avatar so that companies, professionals, talents, artists from different sectors and amateurs from all over the world can quickly locate your account.

Remembering your face and relating it to the content you generate.

The quality of your avatar image should demonstrate that you took the time to think about how to be presentable to the community and your followers.

Your fans appreciate things that have been carefully planned. So you need to make them feel comfortable with you looking as professional as possible.

A well thought out avatar is a sign of a reliable and credible account. Through the avatar they can quickly locate your account and relate it to the content you generate.

Tips: Members with a photo get up to 21 times more profile views.

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