Visiting a profile

Visit your favorite profile and find out what you can do there.

Browse and discover Oshinstar

As an Oshinstar user you can find out more about what's happening with that favorite talent, company or profile. You can watch, listen and buy their latest content, as well as get in touch with them.

To visit an Oshinstar user's profile:

  1. Go to Discover at the bottom left of Oshinstar.

  2. Tap the Username/Display Name or Avatar Image of the profile you want to visit. You will be taken to a section where you will find the most popular Oshinstar profiles. You can scroll up to continue viewing more profiles. If you want to continue viewing the selected profile, tap its Username/Screen Name or Cover Slideshow again.

Home Page

When you log in, you will appear in your Discover, where you will see by default the most popular profiles according to your selected Industry and Category.

You can view a Talent's Profile by tapping on their Card Preferences. There you will find all the personal information and in detail, their professional information enabled. As well as access to their popularity level and all their published content.

When visiting a profile you will have the option to save, follow, and in case you want to contact the talent, you can write a message through the Oshinstar Chat. You can also send job proposals directly through Engage.

Something you should keep in mind in case you want to activate this option, is that you must have a minimum of requirements.

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