Media Manager

Control and manage all your content.

The Media Manager is the starting point to control and manage all your content. A way to keep track of your creations.

In this section you can keep things moving, allowing you to edit, archive, and delete all your content from your Oshinstar profile.

To access your Media Manager:

  1. Enter your Library at the bottom center of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Media Manager section, where you will be able to view: Videos, Images, Tracks.

We are talking about a series of resources that allow you to boost your profile and your business, better control and manage your creations in a consistent way, while offering you a better experience through the following options:


All published, scheduled, archived, deleted and rejected content will appear here.


All published content will appear here.


All scheduled content will appear here.


In this section you can hide your content without having to delete it from your profile. This way the content you want will be hidden from other users, but it will still be on your profile for your memories or in case you want to use it in the future.

You will be able to remove from the view of other users all those videos, photos, tracks and collections that you do not want to remain public; but at the same time you can keep that content in your account but hidden from public view.

When you archive content, it will remain on your profile and only you will be able to view it whenever you want.


You can save your content to publish it later. A very interesting possibility when you have not had time to finish a publication and you want to retrieve it later.


If you believe there has been an error in the review of your content and, after reading the usage policy, you think you are not in violation of it, you can appeal this decision. You will have to go to the Rejected section, where you will see all your rejected content and which specific policy the content violates. You will then be able to correct the error and request a review.

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