How to Earn

Earn money on Oshinstar

If you want to start earning money through your skills, projects or creations, Oshinstar is the perfect platform to do so.

Oshinstar provides a collaborative funding space for all users related to the entertainment industry, as well as for the most passionate users who support the community.

A platform designed with a range of incentives so that all users have an even more attractive experience inside and outside the platform. Two modalities of services, that well worked, are very useful when it comes to increase your income and monetize your creations:

However, it is not a "get there and succeed"; results are achieved with daily work and being proactive. The knowledge of Oshinstar's tools will allow you to carry out the activity and strategy to achieve notoriety in this community and the rest of the world, in a On-site and Digital way.


Oshinstar is a must-have social platform for all talents, especially for professional profiles, companies and up-and-coming or established brands. Its great virtue is that it has focused on being a worldwide network, with a professional focus.

One of its goals is to help find a key profile for certain opportunities and facilitate more informed professional communications, both on and off the platform.

Below are some options with which you can discover, connect and take your career to another level outside the platform:

Receive projects proposals

Receive job proposals directly. Through your Oshinstar Profile, they can request your skills when they need a candidate with your profile. Get detailed information about the participation button.

New projects invitation

Send a job proposal to a specific candidate or to the community in general. The recruiter or company will be able to visualize your profile as a recommended profile for the project or position. Therefore, he/she will have the option to send you an invitation along with the created ad. Get detailed information on how to invite a candidate to a project.

Apply to the projects

Apply for projects/jobs at national and international level. An ideal place to change your career path. Get detailed information on how to apply for new projects at Oshinstar.

Create casting, auditions or jobs

Create job postings to promote the vacancies you need in your project or business. Get detailed information about creating casting, auditions or jobs.

Avanced Filter for search projects or talents

Find any profile through an advanced search on the platform and connect with companies or potential candidates. Get detailed information on how to find a profile through our search engine.

Digital: Monetization tools.

Engage your audience better, monetize your skills and make your subscribers feel close to you as a content generator.

Through Oshinstar's platform you can make your videos, photos, songs and basically any multimedia element you can think of profitable. You can offer a select group of your fans exclusive content and paid memberships, triggering access to premium content, not available to the rest.

You can monetize the content you have created, as long as you own the rights.

Here are five options with which you can generate income through the platform digitally:

Exclusive content

Offer quality content that other users are willing to pay for. Therefore, the more content you upload, the more royalties you will get. Learn more about monetizing your creations.


Obtain recurring income with effective results. You can adapt them to your needs by customizing the monthly price and the benefits that your Fan Promoters receive, adjusting the content and your community. Learn more about how to create your memberships.

There are several types:

  • Monthly subscription. Fans pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for content.

  • Per campaign. Create a campaign specifically for a project. Fans can support this project in a unique way without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.

  • Donation. If you are a fan and donate money to a Talent you like, you are in control of how much you want to give and when you want to send your donation. You don't need to be a paid subscriber or a supporter of a campaign to donate.

Personalized requests

Get closer to your community through personalized content. Generate content at the request of your fans and monetize any multimedia element. Learn more about how to monetize your creations.

NFT Sales

Make the most of your content and turn any of your creations into an NFT and sell them on the Oshinstar Decentralized Marketplace. Learn more about NFT and its benefits.

Oshinstar Rewards

Through the rewards program, you get a credit bonus for each friend who downloads Oshinstar and logs in through your link or invitation code. Learn more about Oshinstar's reward program.

Oshinstar will not take any percentage of your revenue when you make a sale or subscription. No commission will be deducted from the payment of your creations or subscriptions.

Monetizing your creations on Oshinstar positions you as a Talent. Establishing good relationships with your fans, giving you visibility and bringing new relationships and synergies with the community.

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