Complete, verify and get your badge on your profile in an interactive way.

Complete, verify and get your badge on your profile in an interactive way

Complete, verify and get your badge on your profile in an interactive way. Complete your profile step by step to get the most out of Oshinstar's features and tools.

A process that not only provides a verification of identity on the account, but is also taken as a reinforcement of veracity and trustworthiness for the community.

In the Popularity section, located in your Profile, you will be able to view all the information corresponding to your Popularity Points and the achievements obtained in your account. We will explain them below.

To access your Popularity:

  1. Go to your Profile at the bottom right of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Insights session.

Remember that having the verification badge should not be the most important part of your strategy. The community is built with the exchange you have with your fans, the references they leave on your profile and a solid and quality content planning.

What are verified badges on Oshinstar and how to activate them

Some accounts have a positive verification icon just to the right of their profile name or a different colored star, depending on the type of badge earned. This is what is known as a verified badge on Oshinstar.

In order to apply for this badge, it is necessary to complete a series of requirements set by Oshinstar. An interactive process developed for those most committed to the platform, as well as to bring out your most authentic, collaborative and creative side in the process. Engaging with your career and your fans.

For this reason, it is common to find verified badges only on authentic Talent accounts, celebrities or brands and companies committed to the platform on a daily basis. Users who want to become what their idols have become.

The badges contribute to the positioning of the account or company at the time of a search.

Badges/Popularity Points System

Having a verification badge gives more prestige to your account and above all more confidence to your fans, because it means that it is an authentic account, rich in quality content and has managed to reach a number of interactions established by Oshinstar.

Every time you interact in Oshinstar you will generate Popularity Points. Which will be necessary to achieve each badge:

You will get 1 point for each Achievement obtained. These points will determine the badge that will be assigned to you, so you will have to complete all the interactions indicated in each Level to pass to the next badge.

In your Achievenments you will be able to visualize all your points obtained and the pending tasks to complete each achievement.

Achievement/Visualize your progress and your Level of Achievement

Your Achievements, is a section where you will be able to visualize the steps to follow to complete each level available in Oshinstar, as well as visualize all your progress so far.

You will have five levels, which will consist of multiple tasks to complete.

In case the level is not completed, you will be able to visualize the percentage of progress.

The Popularity Points reached, even if the Achievement is not completed, will be valid to reach the badge and move to the next level.

The goal is to build loyalty and reward the most engaged users with the platform. An excellent way to reach a level of popularity, increasing credibility and 100% commitment to Oshinstar.

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