Activate and deactivate your categories, skills

Make known your fields of expertise and the skills you have developed.

Skills are those capabilities that we have to perform actions or functions easily or correctly.

At Oshinstar you can make your fields of expertise known by listing those skills you have developed. In this way you will help people and talents who are looking for a profile like yours to find you.

When creating your account, you can add up to 3 Categories that best suit you and your business. Later, you can add a more Detailed professional description that highlights your core skill and thus connect with relevant projects. In the settings of your profile card you can enable and disable these Categories whenever you want.

To enable and disable your categories and skills in Oshinstar:

  1. Enter your Profile in the lower right part of Oshinstar.

  2. Go to the categories and skills section. Here you can view the categories added at the time of creating your account and the option to deactivate / activate.

  3. Commit the changes at the end of the action.

Remember that a complete profile with more information has considerably more visits than those that do not, and this is important when you are building your network of contacts, positioning your personal brand or business.

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