Your Liked

Checking "Like" on any content is a quick way to tell the creator that you like their work.

Oshinstar has a tool that allows you to view your favorite content or content of interest as many times as you want, in an organized way from your account.

By checking "Like" on any content, it will be saved in your Library, in the session called "Your Liked".

To access the content you like:

  1. Enter your Library at the bottom center of Oshinstar.

  2. Select the Your Liked section, where you will be able to view: Videos you’ve liked, Images you’ve liked, Tracks you’ve liked.

The content record will be organized by folders according to the type of content (video, photo, track) and chronologically.

Unchecking the content will remove it from the folder.

Please note that if you want to report inappropriate content, you must report the content.

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