Finance & Credit

Take greater control of your finances through your finance dashboard.

At Oshinstar we want to make your journey through the new digital economy easy. That's why we designed a platform with tools and information to provide you with a unique experience.

Your gateway to your finances

You can manage your balance from scratch in an easy, fast and detailed way through your finance dashboard.

Here you can check your balance, deposit funds and add or remove payment methods through different sections that will help you manage all your finances in Oshinstar.

  • Wallet Transaction

  • History

  • Payment methods

Actively plan and manage your finances in your Wallet

Wallet is set aside to help you plan and track your budget in a flexible way, so you can stay in control and achieve your goals.

It is designed to help you get your finances under control from day 1 by providing you with continuous information about your financial situation in Oshinstar.

In the detail of your balances, you will be able to view your available balance.

  • Deposit: Balance by recharging your credit card.

  • Coins Earned: Coins earned through your creations.

  • Promotions: Balance earned through gifts and/or donations from the Oshinstar community.

  • Current balance: Total balance of your account (Deposit, Coins Earned, promotions, Current balance).

In this section you will be able to make several important movements detailed below:


You will be able to add funds to your account whenever you want and as many times as you wish through Paypal or the payment method you have added in Oshinstar.


You will be able to transfer your winnings to your preferred bank. This option only applies to your earned coins.


You can transfer all your Coins Earned to any bank of your choice or transfer them to your balance.

Auto Recharge

By activating this option, your balance will be automatically recharged when your balance is below the set amount.

View transaction history

In the Transaction History section, you can view the history of all your transactions in Oshinstar.

By default, the total of your history will be displayed. You can adjust the time period you wish to view using the drop down menu. Transaction information for the selected time period will be displayed, including:

  • All Transactions

  • Deposit

  • Transfer

  • Credit

  • Promotions

  • Withdraw

Add payment method

In this section you can see your Coins Earned as the default payment method. To add an additional payment method, tap + at the bottom right of the page.

When adding an additional payment method, you must set the main payment method.

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