My oshin code

Share your profile with others through your own QR code.

Your OshinCode is an extremely simple feature that allows you to share your profile with others via a QR code of your own.

A feature that is undoubtedly very convenient in certain situations, making it a great ally when sharing your Oshinstar profile.

To share your Oshin Code:

  1. Under General, tap My Oshin Code.

  2. Tap Share and select the application you want to use to share the QR code.

  3. Select the contact you want to send the QR code to.

  4. Confirm your selection and tap Send.

You can share your profile through your Oshin Code with anyone, or why not, with a company to which you want to present your portfolio.

An excellent way to let people know about your skills or your company's news.

You have several options to share it, such as through a simple message or link.

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