NFTs Marketplace

Create, buy, collect and sell exclusive and limited edition digital content.
NFT Marketplace is Oshinstar's platform where you can create, buy, collect and sell exclusive and limited edition digital content. Distribute any content in a digital and collectible form.
NFT is an acronym for "non-fungible token," which refers to a digital asset that is not replicable or replaceable due to its individuality.
You can learn more about the Oshinstar Decentralized Marketplace in the Oshinstar Whitepaper.

Distribute your exclusive content

One of Oshinstar's goals will always be to provide financial freedom, turning the Marketplace into a powerful tool to democratize art, so that artists have the same access to monetize their talent and receive fair payments for it. Offering a new way to engage performance, culture, content and talent through the Internet.
Oshinstar specifically targets creators, artists, VIPs, influencers and prominent personalities who currently monetize their work through traditional social networks. Those who will have the opportunity to distribute totally exclusive content such as:
All talents who wish to activate the NFT creation mode must indicate this by registering on the waiting list in their main menu. Only Oshinstar talents that meet certain requirements will be able to access the Marketplace.
There is a limit to the number of users who can access this tool. Oshinstar has a set number of slots available for this feature.
Publishing NFT content is a simple process that does not require knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So Oshinstar aims to serve as a bridge between buyers and those who want to create NFT regardless of their level of knowledge in the field.

Blockchain technology

Through blockchain technology, it is possible to prove the unique ownership of all unique non-fungible assets, such that when digital assets are uploaded to the blockchain, the authenticity and unique ownership of each asset and NFT can be proven as a result of the blockchain structure itself and whose ledger is based on decentralization, immutability and verifiability.
The technology behind Oshinstar allows anyone to create and sell their own NFTs. Creators, Artists, VIPs, Influencers and Featured Personalities will have the opportunity to sell completely exclusive content such as: Video, Photos, Tracks (music, audio, etc.).
Each NFT created by an artist, singer, musician, etc.. is registered (tokenized) on the blockchain, making each piece of content unique, so that it can be owned and exchanged both privately, between users who directly use their wallets, and publicly, between users and the public through a marketplace and bidding system.
But there is more: in addition to selling, creators have the opportunity to guarantee themselves royalties from future sales, they can freely rent to delegate ownership rights to another person or company.
Before you dream of having the coolest NFT gallery, you must link your wallet to Oshinstar. If you haven't created or don't have a wallet yet, you can check out our guide on how to create an Oshinstar wallet.
You can get more information about your balance, deposit, wallet and payment method in the Finance & Credit section.

A platform accessible

In the social networks currently available, digital content created by artists is not properly valued, being publicly available and accessible, which ends up limiting their performance.
In this aspect, Oshinstar aims to generate value from digital content by creating an exclusive environment, on a platform accessible to all where content is obfuscated.
Content that can also be made known in an exclusive and collectible form. In addition, this format offers security (high quality privacy policy) and professionalism (high quality systems) to both creators and users interested in buying NFTs.
You can learn more about our privacy and security in our Oshinstar Privacy Policy, Security Policy, NFT Policy and Oshinstar Whitepaper.

Choose the level of privacy and exclusivity of your NFTs

You can choose whether to show your content to the public or maintain a more exclusive and limited visibility.
As an Oshinstar Talent, you can easily create unique, exclusive content and earn money from the sale of each NFT. You will have the opportunity to secure eventual royalties for future sales.
Oshinstar aims to serve as a bridge between buyers and those who want to create NFTs but have little knowledge in the field: the technology behind Oshinstar allows anyone to create and sell their own NFTs.
Thanks to the escrow wallet, users will not have to undergo complex procedures (Metamask, etc.) to buy and sell their works.
Oshinstar supports all services offered by decentralized environments.
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